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Codasat Canada offers a simple all-inclusive way for publishers to maximize sales in Canada.







Yucatan: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition (9780292735811) by David Sterling (University of Texas Press) has been awarded the most prestigious 2015 James Beard Foundation Cookbook of the Year. A second University of Texas Press publication; Texas on the Table (9780292744097) had also been short-listed.


The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 9781595586438 The New Press) has been selected by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, for his on-line book club - A Year of Books.


Hold Tight Gently by Martin Duberman (9781595589453 The New Press) has won the LAMBDA Book Award for non-fiction.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (play 9781408173350 Bloomsbury) won the 2015 Tony for Best play.


Two authors from Interlink Publishing - Hoda Barakat  - The Stone of Laughter (9781566561907) and Ibrahim al-Koni - The Bleeding of the Stone (9781566564175) are among the 10 authors short-listed for the Man Booker International Prize. Additionally Ibrahim al-Koni is the author of The Puppet (9780292723351), New Waw, Saharan Oasis (9780292754751), and The Scarecrow (9781477302521), all published by the University of Texas Press.



Out of the Dark by Patrick Modiano (9780803282292 University of Nebraska Press).




New from Michael Shuman, The Local Economy Solution (9781603585750 Chelsea Green Publishing) is a well-researched, trenchant critique of the traditional economic development strategy to "attract and retain" global corporations. Full of real life examples, this book offers an array of innovative and cutting-edge approaches to help local economies thrive.


The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet by Hilary Boynton and Mary G Brackett (9781603585613 Chelsea Green Publishing)  is a simple, delicious, family-friendly collection of over 200 straight forward, nutrient focused, appealing recipes, and was recently featured in The Toronto Star. A must-have for anyone following or considering the GAPS Diet. And now available from Chelsea Green Publishing, the book that started it all - Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Schizophrenia 2nd edition by Natasha Campbell-McBride (9780954852023).


Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond by Sabrina Ghayour (9781566569958 Interlink Publishing)  is a stunning collection of approachable Middle Eastern recipes, that dispels the notion that Persian, Turkish, Arab, and Armenian cuisines are too complicated for home cooks, has been nominated for Book of the Year by Food and Travel UK, and Cookery Book of the Year by the Guild of Food Writers UK.


Altered Genes Twisted Truth by Steve Druker (9780985616908 Chelsea Green Publishing) will be excerpted in Common Ground magazine, and a review in the summer issue.

Don't Trust, Don't Beg, Don't Fear by Ben Stewart (9781620971093 The New Press) held an event in Vancouver in early June in conjunction with Greenpeace, was interviewed by Global television, and continues to do publicity. Sir David Puttnam (Chariots of Fire) has bought the rights to Stewart's book and will be making it into a movie.


Codasat Canada Limited is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Bloomsbury Academic books including the following publishers and imprints: Arden Shakespeare, Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, Berg Publishers, Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Education, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, Methuen Drama, Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, and Yearbooks, including Whitakers and Who's Who (UK). Orders, billing and shipping will be through the University of Toronto Press Distribution. Sales will be handled by Hargreaves, Fuller & Paton.  For a complete list of available titles click here or on Bloomsbury Academic Titles. For additional information contact your local sales representative or email

All of the books above, or any titles from the publishers that we represent, can be ordered directly from

University of Toronto Press Distribution or contact Codasat Canada

Company Profile


Codasat Canada was founded (in 1999) in response to the needs of small to medium-sized publishers wishing to sell their books in Canada. The logistical difficulties of dealing across trans-national borders can be costly, complicated and time consuming. Codasat Canada provides a solution by supplying a comprehensive sales and distribution service. The economies of scale achieved by Codasat Canada can then be passed on to client publishers.

Sandra Hargreaves, formerly President of Penguin Books Canada Ltd, and Thea Kooy, formerly Vice President Operations of Penguin Books Canada Ltd, are the principal shareholders of Codasat Canada.

Basic Business Premise of Codasat

Codasat Canada is a service provider. It offers a simple all-inclusive way for client publishers to maximize revenue in Canada.

The relationship between Codasat and its client publishers is one of partnership. Pricing and inventory levels are agreed upon together but the final decision in these matters is always the publisher's. Because Codasat represents a number of publishers it has been able to negotiate more favourable brokerage and distribution rates which are then passed on to client publishers.

The primary services are sales, distribution and collection. Secondary services include inventory management, marketing assistance and editorial advice. The costs for these services are based on a percentage of net invoice value of goods sold.

The fee charged covers the following costs:

    Inventory Management and Control
    Collection and Guarantee of Receivables
    Customer Service
    Canadian Warehousing and Storage
    Invoicing, Picking, Packing and Shipping
    Returns Processing


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